SF Parking Tips

Last Updated: March 28, 2016

To avoid looking like a tourist, keep these things in mind while parking your car around San Francisco:

  • No vehicle can be on the street longer than 72 hours
  • Curb your tires and park on a hill the right way
  • Avoid driving in peak times, congestion in SF can be awful and insider’s know when to hit the streets
  • All parked vehicles must be 18-inches from the curb
  • All parked vehicles must face the flow of traffic
  • Bumpers that extend into a driveway opening, crosswalk or no-parking zone can be ticketed or towed
  • In time restricted spots, you must move your car more than 110 feed from your spot to reset your time limit
  • Report broken meters or faded no-parking curb paint, call 311


Valet Parking

San Francisco also features on-demand valet parking services via ZIRX and Luxe. These services, both founded in San Francisco and growing nationwide, allow users to meet a valet at a specified location. When the car is needed again, notify the valet via the app and they’ll come meet you with you car.


SF Must Have Transit Apps

Don’t be caught without these apps for getting around in San Francisco:

  • 511 Transit – utilize all public transportation the Bay Area. Find scheduled stop, trip cost and timing estimators, and receive announcements. Download for iPhone or Android.
  • NextBus – track ETA times of buses and view stops on an interactive map. Download for Android.
  • Moovit – optimize your best route with this crowd sourced bus and transit tracker. This nationwide app brings in everything from bike share services to the public transportation options to get you to your destination ASAP. Download for iPhone or Android.