Alamo Square Parking

Last Updated: March 28, 2016

Image © Kārlis Dambrāns

Owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, Alamo Square is home to one of the most photographed locations in San Francisco. The row of colorful homes stretching from 701 through 799 Steiner Street, know as The Painted Ladies, has appeared on the screen for Full HouseBicentennial Man, and Invasion of The Body Snatchers.

Also available in Alamo Square are walking trails, a tennis court and a children’s playground. When planning to visit Alamo Square, allow for extra time to find street parking if you intend to drive.

Things To Know

  • Most of the parking around Alamo Square is residential street parking.
  • Make sure to always check for permit requirements (signs and curb colors) to avoid tickets, boots, and tows.
  • Much of the parking in the area has time limits, so awareness is key.
  • Pay attention to curb colors to avoid unexpected parking tickets:
    • Red – No parking zones, typically located near fire hydrants, bus stops, and the edge of driveways
    • White – 5 minute parking limit for passenger loading/unloading, utilized for buildings like hospitals, restaurants with 100+ seats, government buildings, and places of worship
    • Green – Short-term parking that shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes, often located in front of dry cleaners, florists, shoe repair shops, and ATM machines
    • Yellow – Commercial loading and unloading, where violators will be cited and sometimes even towed
    • Blue – Parking for individuals with disabilities, in effect 24/7 with the exception of street cleaning
  • If your car is booted, call the Help Center (phone number will be on ticket, located on windshield). You can pay over the phone. After which you will be provided with a six-digit code, which will release the boot.
  • If your car is towed, call (510) 635-3211 or visit to confirm and settle any fines or tickets. A car is subject to be towed when:
    • boot fines and tickets are not settled
    • a plate tag has been expired for 6+ months
    • a vehicle has unpaid tickets amounting to at least $2,500
    • a vehicle has 5+ unpaid California tickets

Additional Resources

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